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How to Use Google Search Ads to Sell Your Products

How to Use Google Search Ads to Sell Your Products

When you’re selling products online, one of the best ways to make sales is through search ads. Google has many options for you, including generic search terms, Phrase match and Exact match, and remarketing display ads. But how do you do these work for you? First, determine what you’re selling. For example, if you sell apparel, you might use Apparel & Accessories or Clothing categories.

Generic search terms

To create profitable Google search ads, you need to target specific terms your customers will likely type into Google. Generic terms can be helpful, but they also have their disadvantages. You may end up wasting your time by bidding on terms that are not relevant to your business. Moreover, these terms have low conversion rates.

When using Google search ads, target specific keywords from potential buyers who have already expressed interest in your product. Try using branded keywords, which rarely have competition and have a high-quality score from Google. However, you should remember that brand keywords typically have low click rates, so paying attention to these keywords separately from other campaigns is essential. This way, you can track the results of these campaigns separately.

You should try different keywords and use several ad groups to find the best combination. Broader keywords have higher search volume but may not be relevant for all users. Moreover, long-tail keywords get only a few searches a month. However, these keywords are more likely to be relevant to the audience.

Exact match

Whether selling a physical product or online services, you can use Google Search ads to reach a new audience. Google allows you to customize the ad’s text, headline, and description. Additionally, you can specify what languages and regions you wish to target with your ads.

Google Ads are a great way to drive significant traffic to your site. You can use the remarketing feature to remind customers that they visited your site in the past but didn’t make a purchase. You can also create remarketing campaigns to target people interested in your products but who haven’t yet made a purchase.

To create a successful Google Search ad, you must first select keywords that will be useful to your audience. Once you’ve determined which keywords to use, you can create an ad and bid for them. Google runs a live bidding auction for each query, and the ads that win the auction are shown to the user. Your ad’s success depends on its targeting, bidding strategy, and quality score. Google also decides where your ad appears, so it’s essential to watch it closely.

Google Shopping is another way to sell your products. Consumers can view the retailer’s product version by clicking on the ad, which shows an image, price, and a link to the retailer’s website. These ads also offer critical information about the product, making it easy for consumers to choose the best one. It also eliminates the need for comparison shopping, which makes it a valuable tool for selling products.

Phrase match

You need to consider several factors when using Google Search ads to sell your products. First, you must follow Google’s guidelines to create an optimized listing. This way, you can attract potential buyers to your eCommerce site. The author of this article, Max, has worked in the eCommerce industry for six years. He is also an entrepreneur and a fiction writer in his spare time.

Remarketing display ads

Remarketing display ads on Google Search Ads can help you sell your products in various ways. They can be designed to show product information. They can be responsive, meaning they can change based on the user’s activity. These ads can also show up promptly, highlighting the items a user spent the most time looking at.

The goal of remarketing display ads on Google Search Ads is to turn visitors into buyers. This is done by showing them relevant ads when they browse other websites or search for related keywords on Google. This keeps your brand at the forefront of a visitor’s mind. Remarketing also allows you to customize your display ads to suit the needs of past visitors.

You can use text ads, video ads, and dynamic retargeting. These are all powerful options for building brand awareness and remarketing. Remarketing display ads on Google Search Ads is particularly effective if your products are visually appealing or you are targeting niche-specific content.

You must have an email list to use Google remarketing display ads to sell your products. These lists serve your ads to past visitors on Google Search Ads. Using remarketing ads, you can also target your audience with the help of Google partner sites.

Smart Campaigns

If you’re looking to sell your products on Google, the first step is to create a Google Ad account. After completing the registration process, choose the type of campaign you want. For example, you can choose from Standard or Smart Shopping campaigns. Intelligent shopping campaigns have a much broader reach and are managed automatically.

The next step is to determine which geographic area you want to target. For storefronts, you should choose a reasonable radius from your physical location. If you’re selling physical products, you’ll probably want to target areas where your products are shipped. However, you can select any location if you’re a global business.

Once you have chosen a category, Google will create a shopping ad. The ad will appear alongside other advertisements for the product you’re selling. Once someone clicks on the ad, you will be charged based on the cost per click.

You can choose a campaign type that best suits your business and target audience, depending on your products and services. For example, display ads appear in search results alongside relevant content, while video ads are shown on YouTube. The other campaign types include app campaigns and shopping campaigns. These ads use information from the Google app to optimize and display across websites.

Many factors determine the effectiveness of your ads, including keyword selection, bid size, and quality. It is important to note that the quality score determines how high your ad is displayed. The higher your AdRank, the more chances a user will click on your ad.

Shopping campaigns

There are two types of Google search ads: branded and non-branded. Branded ads target users who are actively looking for your brand name. Branded campaigns are ideal for online stores with an established customer base and have mastered Google Ads optimization. Non-branded ads are targeted at potential shoppers who are looking for specific products or niche categories. While non-branded ads may not generate as much traffic as branded ads, they are better for new customer acquisition and remarketing to previous traffic.

The first step to creating an AdWords campaign is to choose a campaign goal. Campaign goals allow Google to tailor your ad campaigns to achieve the best results. Campaign goals can range from lead generation, which leads shoppers to an action you’ve defined, to website traffic, which drives people to your website. If you want to sell your products online, you can also set up a Shopping campaign, which requires a merchant account with Google. You can then choose a specific country or region to target with your ads.

Another option is to use Google Smart Shopping campaigns. This feature allows you to set your bids on specific keywords, which helps target the right audience. This feature is beneficial for targeting customers with high intent to purchase. In addition, Google Smart Shopping campaigns can have several ad groups running simultaneously.


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