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You are losing sales if you're not running paid search.
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You spend a lot of time developing your brand and your products, and today we are inviting you to make that investment more valuable. Today’s best business owners have great social media management, incredible SEO, and the dedication to deliver exactly what their customer is looking for. 

But your competitors are leeching your sales away with ads on search engines. 

Paid search ads are the highest converting direct advertising method for businesses online.¹ Businesses usually see something called “cross-device conversions” increase as they invest more into social media platforms and on-site performance. These “cross-device conversions” are people who first engage with your brand on their mobile device and then go to another browser or desktop to complete their purchase. 

When people are looking for something, they usually search for it online. 

Your customer can get lost on the way back to your site.

Businesses everywhere, even your competitors, are on paid search and usually advertise on their product category terms. 

Your competitor easily snaps up any poor lost soul that makes the mistake of searching for “Gold bracelet” instead of your more specific product title “14K Gold Bismark Bracelet”, these little losses increase your cost per acquired customer and make your job that much harder. 

…And getting started on paid search isn’t that easy either, especially now with ad platforms “recommending” things that only increase your costs and waste your money

Don't waste money fighting competition and big corporations on your own. Get an expert by your side.

Swingman is available to manage, audit and answer any questions about paid search on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Amazon and the Apple app store.

Swingman’s paid search marketing management service can:

Increase your sales conversion rate 

Lower your cost per acquired customer

Improve your ROAS (return on ad spend)

Grow your sales and revenue

Swingman’s paid search management fee is only 7.5% of ad spend.

This is half the cost of most agencies and consultants in the paid search space (usually 15% or more).

Swingman offers this low rate because we focus on delivering value for you and your business instead of platform and agency accolades like other management providers. 

We work tirelessly to find the selective station for a brand and limit your exposure to the exclusive station. 

We operate on a business theorem that growth stage brands should be selective but not exclusive.

Selectivity allows you to pick your ideal customer and the cost you want to acquire them at while controlling for volume. 

Exclusivity is a station of market oversaturation where you overpay for the same audience while the marketplace shrinks. 

Swingman advertising Search Engine Marketing

Exclusivity is expensive, selectivity is scalable. 

This business decision spectrum allows you to save money as your brand grows.  

Services offered by Swingman

Landing Page Optimization 
Conversion Rate Optimization
Keyword research and forecasts
Bid strategy and optimization 
Overall search engine strategy

Ad Management includes media planning, media buying, ad optimization, account monitoring and scaling your search ads. 

Copy testing is part of Swingman’s search optimization methodology.

We find that meaningful, iterative creative testing improves CTR, average SERP position and conversion rates.

Swingman puts a team of copywriters, data scientists and web developers at your fingertips.

We’re experienced with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce & Big Commerce businesses.

Swingman is an agency that melds the science and art of paid search.

Swingman’s atomic paid search strategy is based on providing complete coverage with fine definition. We craft paid strategic search solutions to harness and grow your brand’s organic synergy. When you invest in your brand, we make sure your investment reaches your customer. Swingman uses finely-tuned keyword, device, demographic and location targeting to bring your message to your customer exactly when they’re ready to make a purchase

Our Atomic strategy is powered by the belief that every conversion (or unique purchase) has a unique DNA, and those characteristics that make up that DNA are replicable and scalable. “Conversion DNA” is a methodology that, by understanding the DNA of your customer and the channels they interact with regularly, we can understand the intent behind their engagement with the content they’re shown and can better craft them for your brand.

Our Atomic Strategy Can:

Take a water enhancer CPG start-up from $3,498 monthly sales to $68,000 a month in sales after 6 months…(they hit their order fulfillment limit!)

Transform a fitness app from barely breaking even at $80k in yearly revenue… to a wildly successful business with $2 million in revenue in 14 months

Launch a consumer audio equipment brand from $0 to $1.5 million in revenue in its first 12 months….(Literally selling out warehouses full of stock, and the manufacturer couldn’t keep up!)

Re-launch a business that was a disaster in its first two years but is now profitable with more than $4 million in sales over the last 12 months.

Paid search is a great way to grow your business, but it can be impossible to know where to start, especially if you’ve tried before.

There are so many different strategies and agencies that you could use for paid search. 

So how do you know which one will work best for your business?

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve likely tried almost every conceivable way to grow your business. 

Some of it’s worked, but most of it hasn’t. And at this point, you’ve probably been lied to, cheated by, stolen from, extorted and downright ripped off by bad marketing agencies that focus more on their sales than yours.

…Seriously, your key performance indicator is never “impressions.”

Impressions are cool, but impressions aren’t sales.

The thing that makes Swingman different is that your success is our success

Here’s a hypothetical to explain our fee structure…

Say you decide to test our paid search management service with $2,500 a month in ads?

That’s around $80 a day in ads and our recommended minimum. 

You can add sales and revenue to your business profitably …and your bill at the end of the month would be just $187.50 which is 7.5% of this theoretical managed ad spend ($2,500).  

Then, if you allow us to continue working on your account and we lower your cost per conversion (or cost per acquired customer) in month two. …And you see great success, decide to scale up to $50,000 per day, your rate stays the same (7.5% of your monthly ad costs). 

…And we do NOT make any more money unless you see an opportunity to get more customers or increase your AOV, LTV or your bottom line by spending more on ads.

Budgets are always your choice and never change without YOUR approval. 

Our Ad Management service includes media planning, media buying, ad optimization, and regular account monitoring.

Copy testing is always free as part of Swingman’s search optimization methodology. 

We find that meaningful, iterative creative testing improves CTR, average SERP position and conversion rates, so it’s part of the job.

NO ad copywriting fees.

NO set-up fees.

NO extra weird tacked-on maintenance fees. 

We only charge 7.5% of your managed platform ad spend–which is half the cost of your average ad agency.

You set your monthly budget, and we only scale up ad spend with your approval

Swingman only makes more money when you do. 

Quick Guide to Our Process

Start Here

As soon as the form is completed, we get docs over to you for your review. 

Step 2: Agreements

An NDA, a Statement of Work and the Marketing Services Agreement are signed by both parties. 
The Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement keeps your data and business plans safe with us.  The Statement of Work outlines exactly what to expect from our service in plain English and anything we need from you to get started. The Marketing Services agreement is our formal outline of services and what we need to deliver them. 

Step 3: Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Account access is granted, and we will start work on your keyword forecast or audit. 

Step 4: Insights, Strategy and Management 

We get insights from you on your goals and create a strategy, and your ad account is expertly managed and reported on for the calendar month.

Step 5: Growth

You decide if there's more work that can be done in month two or to manage your account on your own. There's no commitment. Our agreements are month-to-month with no obligation to continue.  We hope that we've given you some tools and good campaigns to succeed on your own. Of course, you can always come back for another month if you have a new idea or want more help.

Get started today by filling out the quick form below.

Client Reviews

We have fun managing accounts because we know we’re growing business with every problem solved. We work hard at making growing a business a whole lot easier, quicker, and less stressful for the millions of folks who run them every day.

Greg Golic Jr.
Greg Golic Jr.
September 19, 2022
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With Swingman, I saw results within days. My ad campaigns were finally profitable after months of high costs. I saw the sales I had hoped for. I saved a ton of time and I don't worry about managing my account anymore.
Kari G. Rodriguez
Kari G. Rodriguez
September 12, 2022
Read More
You guys are amazing, the best at amazon ads! I love that Ellen always walks through the strategy and her thought process. I feel alot better about amazon now since working with you.
Ronald R.
Ronald R.
September 12, 2022
Read More
Swingman changed everything for us. We were in the tank with these crazy expensive ads and a scam agency that just blew up our account. I thought that was just how everything worked but they emailed me and I had nothing to lose so I thought ‘can’t get any worse’, happy I did. My advertising costs are lower than when we started with them
Richard Li
Richard Li
September 12, 2022
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It's been great working with Nora, looking forward to adding another month.
Francesca D.
Francesca D.
September 12, 2022
Read More
My last agency never explained anything to me and pushed me into the most expensive stuff. Swingman is great! Blake explains everything and always gives good options. My business is miles better since I started working with them. If you're not happy with the results you're seeing from your agency, I highly recommend signing up with Swingman. You won't be disappointed!
Paul Hammon
Paul Hammon
September 12, 2022
Read More
The onboarding experience was smooth. I like my account manager Brandi, she’s experienced and she made really smart suggestions. I’m excited for my next month because we got a lot of sales in the last few weeks, hope you guys keep it up.
Vernon Maxiell
Vernon Maxiell
September 12, 2022
Read More
This was much cheaper than my previous agency and Swingman has been better in every way.
Morgan Davis
Morgan Davis
September 12, 2022
Read More
Aaron was the best thing that ever happened to my business. I had a small store and he helped me grow it into a big one. He was always there when I needed him, and I think of him as part of my company.
September 12, 2022
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my shopify sales increased because of this agency. I saved money switching to them.
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