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Conversion DNA Analysis Creates Useful Content and Useful Content = More Sales

Before committing to a purchase, no matter how big or small, people do their homework on search first. 

This is especially true for CPG shoppers, who increasingly turn to brand websites and apps expecting helpful information.
Rather than simply promoting products in search, Olay promoted well-researched information on skin conditions.

For example, you might think a person searching “dark circles under eyes” would be served an ad for an under-eye serum, driving to the Olay homepage.

Not so. Instead, Olay’s ad copy directly addressed the person’s search and directed them to a page that offered detailed information and solutions.

Mock up of search input and return for “dark circles under eyes” before and after changing strategy to help consumers rather than sell to them. Stats: 87% increased click-through, 30% decrease in cost per click av., and 100% increase in conversion.

In return, the brand saw more clicks and more efficiency in its search campaigns — as well as an increase in sales.
Olay’s average click-through rate increased 87%, its average cost per click decreased 30%; and it saw a 100% increase in site conversions.

Increasing online conversions is important, but for a CPG brand, driving more people to the brand website is a meaningful victory, even if they purchase in store. According to research by Deloitte, CPG shoppers who said they used brand websites or mobile apps to browse or research reported spending 108% more than shoppers who didn’t.1

Olay approached its ads and website experience as a person seeking information would. This allowed the brand to transform its search strategy to be more intuitive and useful.

Swingman’s atomic paid search strategy is based on providing complete coverage with fine definition.

We craft paid strategic search solutions to harness and grow your brand’s organic synergy.

When you invest in your brand, we make sure your investment reaches your customer.

Swingman uses finely-tuned keyword, device, demographic and location targeting to bring your message to your customer exactly when they’re ready to make a purchase. 

Our Atomic strategy is powered by the belief that every conversion (or unique purchase) has a unique DNA, and those characteristics that make up that DNA are replicable and scalable.

“Conversion DNA” is a methodology that, by understanding the DNA of your customer and the channels they interact with regularly, we can understand the intent behind their engagement with the content they’re shown and can better craft them for your brand.

Our ad management service includes Media planning, media buying, ad optimization, account monitoring and scaling your search ads.


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