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How An SEM Agency Can Help Your Business

When people realize they want or need something, an SEM Agency can help your business reach these in-market shoppers quickly and efficiently via paid search ads. Each search represents an opportunity to influence your target customers’ decisions and preferences, let Swingman help position your business to make the sale and acquire new customers online.

Our SEM Agency is Google Ads Certified and is at the cutting edge of industry best practices. If you are less than satisfied with your current SEM Agency, then give Swingman a chance to earn your business. 

Here’s why…

Why use an SEM Agency?

According to Google Data, people conduct more than 100 billion Google searches each month¹. Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a necessary cost-effective effort that drives highly-qualified and highly-motivated people to your website when they are ready to make a decision. 

And the best part is that you only pay when they click!

What Makes Swingman A Top SEM Agency?

A Conversion Focused SEM Agency

SEM is what we do and we are here to help your business achieve its digital marketing and revenue goals through user acquisition campaigns. Swingman is the best SEM Agency and has been proven to be experts at building and optimizing conversion-based search marketing campaigns. We strategize, forecast, implement, test, and continuously analyze campaign data to improve performance. It doesn’t matter if our team is taking over an existing campaign or starting from scratch, Swingman delivers conversions, not just clicks.

Our SEM Secret Sauce

Google and Bing are big on relevancy, and many businesses and agencies ignore this fact and that results in poor click volume and poor conversion measurement. We track every phone call, web form submission, e-commerce order, and more. We use an integrated systems approach to ensure that Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google My Business, and phone tracking tools are communicating with each other. Why? Because we want to be able to capture all conversion data and signal campaign relevance and page engagement to Google and Bing so that we can lower our search engine marketing costs per acquisition.

Google Ads SEM Experts

Our SEM campaign performance is closely monitored and managed as a Google Partner. We strive for perfection by monitoring and adjusting keywords, text ads, and landing pages regularly. Unless impossible, regular analysis and adjustments are made to your SEM campaign. Campaign quality is maximized over time by a human American Google Ads Certified team member managing your campaign, not a computer, not a white-labeled company, nor a foreign company.

5 Steps to Become A Swingman Client

Start Here

As soon as the form below is completed, we get docs over to you for your review. 

Step 2: Agreements

An NDA, a Statement of Work and the Marketing Services Agreement are signed by both parties. 
The Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement keeps your data and business plans safe with us.  The Statement of Work outlines exactly what to expect from our service in plain English and anything we need from you to get started. The Marketing Services agreement is our formal outline of services and what we need to deliver them. 

Step 3: Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Account access is granted, and we will start work on your keyword forecast or audit. 

Step 4: Insights, Strategy and Management 

We get insights from you on your goals and create a strategy, and your ad account is expertly managed and reported on for the calendar month.

Step 5: Growth

You decide if there's more work that can be done in month two or to manage your account on your own. There's no commitment. Our agreements are month-to-month with no obligation to continue.  We hope that we've given you some tools and good campaigns to succeed on your own. Of course, you can always come back for another month if you have a new idea or want more help.

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