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Spare yourself the time and effort of tediously managing search ads accounts and focus on expanding your agency’s book of business and increasing profits with our white label SEM solution. We are SEM experts with over a decade of experience, we are a Google Partner, and we have 100% of our SEM managers Google Certified, we don’t have long-term contracts, and have pricing that allows for a high profit margin (flat 7.5% Management Fee).

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We increase revenue in real life, businesses love it.

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We are 100% ROAS focused. We'll spend less if it helps the account.

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Benefits of Hiring a White Label SEM Agency

The biggest benefit of Swingman White Label Services is that you don’t have to worry about managing the accounts yourself. You can send over as many accounts as you’d like and have the confidence they are being managed properly. 

Scalability: The ability to scale quickly is another benefit of working with a white label SEM agency. Bring on the accounts, we can handle them. Because we manage SEM accounts all the time, we are pretty efficient.

Cost Effective: Cost-effectiveness is a wonderful benefit of outsourcing your SEM management. Generally, most agencies will mark up white label costs by 100% or more. Your profits will surprise you.

Quality & Client Retention: Feel confident that your clients’ SEM management accounts are being optimized to the metrics that are most important to the client. Whether the client is looking for phone calls, form fills, eCommerce sales, email sign-ups, or simply just clicks and impressions, we will focus on and continually optimize around those goals.

Simplicity: We are your SEM resource. It’s that simple.

Swingman White Label SEM Value

100% U.S. Based White Label PPC Agency
Wholesale Pricing
White Label Performance Reporting
Customized Monthly Recommendations & Analysis
Month to Month Contracts

Volume of Sales From start to finish, your account will be built and optimized for real results, not surface-level metrics.

Intent-Based Keyword Strategies Reaching the right people with the right intentions means more qualified leads at a lower cost.

Low 7.5% Management Fee The best part. NO ad copywriting fees. NO set-up fees. NO extra weird tacked-on maintenance fees. We only charge 7.5% of your managed platform ad spend–which is half the cost of your average ad agency. Spend $5,000 or $500,000 – our fee is only 7.5%.

Clean Useful Tracking Data On Forms & Calls Tracking leads both by phone and contact forms is the difference maker in optimizing your campaigns and driving more high-quality prospects into your pipeline.

5 common ppc management questions

As a White Label partner we will only work in the background and will not communicate directly with the end client.  There are exceptions of course, but the reason we are able to provide wholesale pricing is that we collaborate with the agency.  We work on the nuts and bolts of the account, the agency communicates with the end client.  

You will get performance reports at your desired interval (daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly) branded with your logo.  We also provide a monthly summary and optimization email that you can forward to the end client.  

  1. We only do search ads.
  2. You give us client goals and KPIs. 
  3. You specify your necessary reporting intervals.
  4. Swingman works in the account to meet & exceed targets.
  5. Swingman sends reports & can answer client questions.

We can hide our email domains and even adopt yours via forwarding address, we’re also happy to join any slack channels your client needs.  

Yes. Swingman account managers also have these certifications:

Google Ads Search Certification

Google Ads Display Certification

Google Ads Video Certification

Google Ads – Measurement Certification

Display & Video 360 Certification

Google Content Ownership

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Advanced Google Analytics

Google Analytics for Power Users

Swingman provides PPC and SEM management services for Google Search Ads (via Google Adwords, Search Ads 360, or Google Ads), Amazon Advertising, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and others (via Microsoft Advertising).

5 Steps to Become A Swingman Client

Start Here

As soon as the form below is completed, we get docs over to you for your review. 

Step 2: Agreements

An NDA, a Statement of Work and the Marketing Services Agreement are signed by both parties. 
The Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement keeps your data and business plans safe with us.  The Statement of Work outlines exactly what to expect from our service in plain English and anything we need from you to get started. The Marketing Services agreement is our formal outline of services and what we need to deliver them. 

Step 3: Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Account access is granted, and we will start work on your keyword forecast or audit. 

Step 4: Insights, Strategy and Management 

We get insights from you on your goals and create a strategy, and your ad account is expertly managed and reported on for the calendar month.

Step 5: Growth

You decide if there's more work that can be done in month two or to manage your account on your own. There's no commitment. Our agreements are month-to-month with no obligation to continue.  We hope that we've given you some tools and good campaigns to succeed on your own. Of course, you can always come back for another month if you have a new idea or want more help.

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